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Jumbo Home Loans

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Is a jumbo loan right for you?

Need a bigger loan for your property? Then a jumbo loan might be right for you. While similar to conventional loans, jumbo mortgages exceed the amount of conventional conforming loan limits. With larger loans come increased risk, so keep in mind that jumbo loan qualification requirements can be stricter.

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Benefits of a jumbo loan

  • Purchasing a high end home: Consider a jumbo loan if you need a loan that exceeds your county’s conforming loan limit.
  • Eliminate the need to have multiple loans: Provides the convenience of one loan for the entire loan amount, with a variety of options.
  • Save on mortgage insurance: Since a 20% down payment is often required for jumbo loans, private mortgage insurance isn’t always required.

Jumbo loan eligibility requirements

  • Good credit score
  • A deposit of 20% or higher
  • Proof that you are able to repay the loan
  • Statement of assets

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